How to set your own trend for your Destination Wedding!

Brand your destination wedding:

Create your own logo.

bob london

Not a logo person? Personalize your wedding as you would like to reflect your personality. Starting with the save the dates, invites, table settings, welcome letters to guests, daily activity list to guests, timeline, menus… Add a personal touch that reflects your particular style.

Have a Theme.

bob london 2

Themed weddings have become very popular.  If you decide on a themed wedding, you can move beyond popular ones such as Great Gatsby and choose one reflecting what you both like.

Favorite book?  Favorite Movie? TV show?  Or where he proposed. If the proposal was in Paris, and your guests can not travel that far, have a Paris theme wedding at home, using decorations, invites, food that reflect France.

bob london 8

I attended an event in Italy that had a different theme in the 5 different rooms that showcased the bride and grooms talents and hobbies.   One room was music based, the Hors ’doeuvre were served out of guitar cases.

In another room, drinks were “magic” themed (inspired by the groom’s love of magic). Drinks were served with dry ice on the trays with the glasses to make them appear like magic.  The picture taking room was set up to reflect their love of horseback riding with equestrian theme.  The reception had classical piano and then jazz band, one bride liked and one groom liked.

Your family background/ heritage:

bob london 7bob london 4bob london 3

Couples choosing an interfaith wedding can combine and personalize the ceremony by bride and groom wearing each other’s traditional clothing.  You can also use heritage and your own personal traditions throughout wedding and reception.

Writing / singing your own vows:

bob lond 6

Fun Activities:

Do an activity you would like to do during your wedding weekend with your guests depending on where your destination is—snorkeling? Zip lining? Swim with the dolphins? Group painting, pottery, etc.


bob london 4bob london 3

Signature cocktails:

These are very popular now, but put your own twist on it.  If I were getting married again, I would have wine tastings stations set around everywhere!

However you personalize your destination wedding, be sure to minimize the overload by picking one main theme and seeing how you can incorporate in the other details.

By picking that first, you’ll save yourself work later.

Nancy Barkley, Founder  Honeymoons and Get-A-Ways

Photos, Robert London Photography  




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