Marry in Querétaro or Michoacán , Mexico

“Welcome Home” is often how I am greeted when traveling to Mexico.  This honestly rings true as the warmth and hospitality of the Mexican citizens make you feel immediately at home.  You will leave Mexico sharing their passion and love for their country looking to return again soon.

“Honeymoon” a period of harmony immediately following marriage.  I cannot think of a more beautiful and breathtaking place, for newlyweds to take their first journey as husband and wife, than to Mexico.  There are so many wonderful choices in Mexico to start your honeymoon trip, I would like to begin with the beautiful Colonial towns of Mexico, specifically Michoacán and Queretaro, where I had the privilege of traveling to this summer.

Travel with your soul mate to the soul of Mexico, Michoacán.  When you arrive to Michoacán it will be like taking a step back in time to Old World Europe and traditional Mexico.  Here you will discover formerly housed convents, glorious haciendas, and Spanish palaces.  Your first trip as husband and wife will be to a truly magical place.

Morelia, the capital of Michoacán is not only a stunning colonial city but has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site with its architecture dating back to the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.  These grand buildings house many of the hotels that you will stay at.  The focal point of Morelia is the cathedral with soaring twin spires, located in the middle of the main square and heart of the city.  On Saturday evenings, the Cathedral is gradually lit up with awe inspiring results.

In Tzintzuntzan, you will visit the former Covent of St. Francis.  This monastery thrived for over one hundred years, before being converted into a school.  This ancient convent is  now open  to the public and  much of the original two-story quadrangle remains, and fragments of original frescoes over 400 years old can still be seen in the large arched entryway

So close to Morelia is Patzcuaro, one of the four Pueblos Magicos (Magical Towns) in Michoacán.  Patzcuaro means “Doorway to Heaven” because the ancient population believed the entryway to heaven was near.   Its focal point is the Plaza Grande, showcasing the statue of Bishop Vasco de Quirogas.

If adventure is more your style, enjoy zip lining, kayaking, mountain biking, hike, golf or visit the youngest volcano in the world – Paricutin.  One can tour the Don Vasco Route that will navigate you through historical zones that will thrust you into the magic of thousand year old traditions.

Magnificent, Magical, Mystifying, Miraculous, Majestic, in my opinion, they all describe Michoacán.

Multicolored mosaics that maintain authentic traditions, sunsets upon splendid architecture, preserved in its original beauty since viceroyalty times are for you to experience in Queratro, a treasure in the heartland of Mexico, which is a short two hour drive, away from Michoacán.

I have to agree with the cover of a pamphlet I was given while in Queretaro.  “Explore the Unexpected” I did not expect Queretaro to be a romantic destination, I was so wrong.  Magnificent colonial buildings filled with fine art galleries, museums, elegant restaurants and sidewalk cafes, and artisan’s shops.  Country Estates, gardens and vineyards , world class musicians, National and International cuisines and long established wine producing in the valley running from San Juan del Rio Ezequiel Montes, need any more romance?

Queretaro is a state of vice regal and baroque sceneries.  Michoacán is a magical place rich in nature wonders, traditions and architectural beauty.  Both are the ideal destination for the honeymoon of your dreams.

I truly enjoyed every magical moment of my trip to Querétaro and Michoacán and was touched by every person I met.  It is my hope you will honeymoon to the romantic colonial jewels of Mexico and experience the enchantment as well.